March 2011: The Empty Quarter Fine Art Photography         Gallery - Dubai. 

May 2011: Amman - Jordan.

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Wild Order

February 2010: Solo exhibition on two floors of 58 Black & white and Colour images at the Jordan National Gallery - Amman
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Essential Elements

September 2009: Black & White exhibitions at The Empty Quarter Fine Art Photography Gallery - Dubai.
Sultans Of Silver

February 2012: The Empty Quarter Fine Art Photography Gallery - Dubai, Joint with Josef Hoflehner, Black and White photographs.

To coincide with this exhibition The Empty Quarter is launching two Black and White limited edition Ephraums Selected Portfolio boxes, Nocturnes and Variations. Click here for a slide show about the making of the portfolios.

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Bringing back the classics

June 2013:  The Empty Quarter presents  “Art Market- Bringing back the classics” presenting a collection centered on its leading artists, from exploring the South Pole in 1912 to Magnum Photography from China, culminating with the serenity of Scotland.
Spirit of a Place

April - May 2014:   The Empty Quarter Gallery is proud to be the first to exhibit the travelling body of work of two documentary photographers, Sami Nabeel & Martin Smith. The study of man’s spiritual beliefs as reflected in their places of worship. Nabeel & Smith, make use of an extensive palette of tones to convey the ethereal nature of the human soulSpirt_of_a_Place.htmlSpirt_of_a_Place.htmlSpirt_of_a_Place.htmlSpirt_of_a_Place.htmlSpirt_of_a_Place.htmlSpirt_of_a_Place.htmlSpirt_of_a_Place.htmlSpirt_of_a_Place.htmlSpirt_of_a_Place.htmlshapeimage_8_link_0shapeimage_8_link_1shapeimage_8_link_2shapeimage_8_link_3shapeimage_8_link_4shapeimage_8_link_5shapeimage_8_link_6shapeimage_8_link_7shapeimage_8_link_8