Light Rhapsody is about my approach   to photography that can be summed up as an attempt to marry light to subject; if the marriage is forced then the outcome is contrived and lacks depth.   When both light and subject coexist harmoniously the resulting image is lifted form a literal interpretation to a more personal statement; it is at that stage that a photograph is made and not taken.

Essential Elements is a collection of black and while landscape photographs in an attempt to demonstrate my ethos that simplistic always works best.   In my aim to distill nature’s chaos into an image I chose to exclude the colour of light.   This collection is about the study of form and tone in such a way that colour is not relevant.

Writing with Light is the first book by photographer Sami Nabeel. This monograph is more than a collection of beautiful photographs. It explores the pleasure that can be found in looking, then seeing, both through the monocular eye of the camera lens and the stereo vision of the double-page spread.

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Few years ago I found my self making images outside my normal photographic comfort zone, it was mid summer, the sun in full might and lavender in bloom.  Not my usual  blizzard wintery conditions of the Scottish Highlands or around the Northern Shores and Fjords of the Nordic countries. The images in this book are an attempt to interpret the sense of warmth and fragrance I felt at the time together with  pertinent verses from The Rubaiyat  of Omar Al-Khayyam.